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groundcrew_sound - November 28

Here, we have a wild @danhoodmusic in his natural habitat. Look at the way he slides the fader...absolutely marvelous. Thanks @boltgroup for the fun session yesterday! #repost


groundcrew_sound - November 26

Hitting the ground (crew) running today. So many holiday spots, so little time... #weloveourjobs


groundcrew_sound - November 16

Fixing the dishwasher ourselves so we can spend that money on a keg-orator. #priorities


groundcrew_sound - November 14

The Demo session went flawlessly with @danhoodmusic at the helm 🔥


groundcrew_sound - November 09

We have many new and exciting things going on here at Groundcrew. We’ve updated our equipment, booths, branding, and repainted just about everything. Wet bar and beer on tap coming soon as well. So if you would like a tour of our updated facilities, make sure to call us at (704)-342-9900. Or if it’s just too hard to pick up a phone, you can always e-mail us at


groundcrew_sound - November 05

Had Iris in the studio for a VO session today! We had a blast!


groundcrew_sound - October 31

We’re hoping that Kelly is just going through a phase... we support her either way. Happy Halloween! 🎃


groundcrew_sound - October 25

It was a pleasure having some of the students from Gaston College in the studio for a tour yesterday!


groundcrew_sound - October 19

Heidi Dove, Connor, and Dan are out here on this beautiful Friday DENIMstrating very similar fashion sense.


groundcrew_sound - October 18

#tbt to working with Thomas Built Buses on a custom music piece. Jason and Connor went to the facility to acquire sounds from the factory to convert into a custom music piece. We love being able to work with such awesome clients...also, the factory was crazy cool.


groundcrew_sound - October 12

When you nail a VO session... we love Tanya McClellan. 😂


groundcrew_sound - October 10

Groundboo studios is definitely ready for Halloween 🎃


groundcrew_sound - October 08

Congratulations to @cbake1369 on “Sarah’s Big Day”, which won the audience choice award at Charlotte Film Festival. It was a pleasure to be able to work on this film doing sound design and music. We love our jobs ❤️


groundcrew_sound - October 03

This is the visual difference between an mp3. file and wav. file. Why not start off with the highest quality audio you can get? Sounds good, right?


groundcrew_sound - October 02

We had a great time with all of these great talents this weekend. If you missed this voiceover workshop, don’t fret. We’ll be holding another in the Spring!


groundcrew_sound - September 25

Things were getting pretty wild in the studio today...thanks to @thevariablelab for making this session so much fun.


groundcrew_sound - September 24

Awesome having Rob Treveiler in the studio for an ADR session. Also, congratulations on the premiere of Ozark season 2! We’re all binging it.


groundcrew_sound - September 19

We’re getting PSYCHED for Groundcrew’s Fall Voiceover Workshops! Email to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited. #voiceover #charlotte #VO #workshops #getpumped #yeahbro


groundcrew_sound - September 10

Our voiceover workshop is quickly approaching and we only have a few spots left. Make sure to reserve your spot either by emailing us or calling us at 704-342-9900.


groundcrew_sound - September 06

Groundcrew’s Fall VoiceOver Workshop is coming September 29th and 30th. Email or call us at 704-342-9900 to reserve your spot. #sohotrightnow


groundcrew_sound - August 30

Keith Larson stopped by the studio yesterday to lay down some VO. Always a pleasure having him!


groundcrew_sound - August 23

Kelly stopped by @lotasproductions today while she was in the big apple. It’s funny how we work with people all over the country and rarely get to meet our colleagues face to face. When we get the chance, we always take it!


groundcrew_sound - August 15

Hoon Lee in the studio for a couple sessions today. Can’t wait for you all to see the show we’re working on! #hoonlee #loveourjob #HBO


groundcrew_sound - August 09

Whether you need an upgrade on your audio or your motorcycle, Groundcrew’s got you covered. #afterhours


groundcrew_sound - July 31

@danhoodmusic having fun testing out some newly loaded synth sounds....we love ours jobs.


groundcrew_sound - July 26

@ieshanyreehappy stopped in for a session today...this her standing in the shadow of @danhoodmusic 😂


groundcrew_sound - July 17

Edit, edit, edit! Great session with @bbt and @out_of_our_minds_studios . #edits


groundcrew_sound - July 13

Another fantastic CreativeMornings! I think this is our 19th time we’ve gone. You could say we’re fans... #charlotteiscreative #audio #community #charlotte #wooot #fun


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